Facility Supply Services

PLUS FOUR Facility Services for Industrial and Laboratory Facilities. Basic Media Supply for DI water, Nitrogen, Compressed air, Basic Condition Control of Temperature, -Humidity, -Particles. Equipment Maintenance  Toolkit, Yellow Room Lithography (i.g. Yellow Foil), etc.  Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Facility Services_Overview

Basic Lab equipment

Basic Lab Equipment

PLUS FOUR Basic Lab Equipment for Industrial and Research Facilities. Tools and Equipment for Laboratory, Glass and Plastic Ware, Consumables, Wet Bench Process Package for 4 up to 8 inch Wafer and Substrates, Clean Room Consumables. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Basic Lab Equipment_Overview

radiation shielding

Radiation Shielding

PLUS FOUR Radiation Shielding Products, Doors and Gates for Radiation Therapy, Nuclear Medicine, Industrial and Laboratory facility, LINAC, X-ray, lead glass components and windows. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Radiation Shieldings_Overview


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