Wafer Processing and Training

PLUS FOUR provides you with process development, prototyping and production capabilities as well as tailored equipment, process and safety trainings, etc. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Wafer Processing and Training


Chemicals and Gases

PLUS FOUR Chemicals and gases for application in industry and reasearch. Selected process related chemicals for i.g. Lithography, Lift-off, Cleaning, Wet Etching, Dry Etching, PECVD, Sputtering, Wafer Bonding, etc. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Chemicals and Gases_Overview


Resist and Wafer

PLUS FOUR resist, substrate and wafer materials for application in industry and research. Selected process related materials for i.g. Nano Imprint, E-beam, DUV, UV, Electroplating, Etch Mask, Lift-Off, Spin on Dopant, Micro Fluidics, etc. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Resist and wafers_Overview

Mask Design

Mask Service

PLUS FOUR Mask Service for 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch wafer, Flexible Mask, Chrome Mask, Quartz Mask, High Resolution E-Beam patterned Mask,  Shadow Mask, Emulsion Mask, Photo Mask Master Blank,  Template Check Service,  Design Check Service,  Re-Design and Full Design Service. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Mask Services_Overview

Clean room

Clean Room Safety and Clothes

PLUS FOUR Clean Room Safety and Clothes. Tailored solutions for i.g. facilities in industry and research laboratories. Consumables for Chemical Handling, Safety Clothes, Clean Room Staff Clothes, Clean Room Guest Clothes, Clean Room Clothes Storage, etc. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_CleanroomSafety-Clothes_Overview

wafer handling

Wafer Handling

PLUS FOUR Wafer Handling for Pieces, Wafer 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch, Transport Boxes, Single Wafer Processes, Batch Wafer Processes, Wet Bench Processes. Find more Information: PLUS FOUR_Wafer Handling_Overview

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